The Bait Hole: bring your maxi-glide, folks. The hills are fast from freezing overnight (still). Afternoons are getting sticky. There's still skiable snow left but you may want to start bringing your rock skis soon. Call Don Nodine after this for updates. His number is on the Northern Timber Cruisers cross-country skiing webpage.

Don just called from the Clubhouse. It's till good skiing BUT the hill are fast to very fast. He also said that he's having an easier time going UP the hills to the side of the set track rather than using the tracks.

I'm leaving for a business trip in a few minutes so this is the last post for the season. You can skiing conditions for the last week of March and the first week of April at the Bait Hole/Clubhouse by calling Don or by calling New England Outdoor Center for conditions at the Twin Pines/Millinocket Lake trail area.