Don's out skiing right now (11 AM) at the Bait Hole. He reports that there's very little track left but the glide is good. The snow conditions are not bad though with some fast patches. The snow will become more and more fast as the day progresses because of the falling temperatures - so if you plan to ski today, earlier is better. He is planning on grooming tomorrow but makes no promises that he'll succeed because it might be too icy for the sled to pull the groomer. Either way, he'll let me know so watch this space tomorrow.

Temperatures are not falling fast enough for the folks at the National Monument to get out and groom all their trails so grooming there is now scheduled for tomorrow. They will let us know tomorrow afternoon what their conditions are like once they are done grooming.

The Twin Pines trails at NEOC are open and have enough snow to ski on. Conditions are okay. There are currently a few busloads of kids skiing there right now so expect the snow to be packed and getting faster as the day progresses.