Sorry for no updates for the last two days - our internet connection decided to take a couple of days off without telling us beforehand.

In theory, temperatures are supposed to drop below freezing sometime towards tomorrow evening (i.e., Thursday) and will stay under freezing through the weekend and into next week. The next possible snow is forecast for Tuesday.

Reports from both KWWNM and the Bait Hole say that the snow has been surprising good for the last couple of days. There's little to no track left because of the thaw but the trails themselves still have snow. The snow fall from two weeks ago was so substantial that it hasn't completely melted away despite the last few days of above freezing temperatures and intermittent rain. If we receive much more rain and above-freezing temperatures, this may change.

Expect conditions to be on the fast and icy side once this thaw is over. Also, a lot of local ice has become rotten so exercise caution when skiing or shoeing across bogs until we've had a few days of below-freezing temperatures.