The Clubhouse trails at Northern Timber Cruisers are not groomed yet to remove the ice crust.

At the Baithole, with the current weather pattern of below-freezing nights and near- to above-freezing days, the morning snow is icy and the afternoon snow softens up. This is more like Spring skiing right now than our usually-expected Winter conditions. The warmer the afternoon, the softer the afternoon snow. So morning skiing for today, tomorrow and Thurday is expected to be somewhat icy and the hills will be fast. The earlier you ski, the faster the hills and the icier the trails. As the days progress, the temperatures rise and the snow will soften. The snow this afternoon will soften up and the skiing will be good. Tomorrow afternoon, the temperature is expected to get up to 38 degrees and the afternoon snow will be soft and the skiing will be good. The same pattern applies to Thursday, but the temperatures are predicted to be above 40 so expect slush to form as the afternoon progresses. The earlier in the afternoon you ski on Thursday, the better the softening snow will be. That's the predicted snow conditions forecast for the Bait Hole.

No updates yet this week from either NEOC or KWWNM. Those will get posted as the come in.