Katahdin Woods and Waters Nat. Mon. update from Friday evening:

Just back from 5 hours of dragging and grooming and it was all worth it. Trails are in excellent shape from Matagamon gate to Bowlin Camps to the Look Out Trail Head. Lots of fresh snow for those adventurous Back country skiers looking for ungroomed.

Set 2 tracks around the Old River Road Loop and single track to Haskell Rock. Packed and corduroy to Stair Falls, Big Spring Brook and the Look Out trail.

Some wind and drifting to be expected but it was starting to diminish. Several sections of the trails may have lots of Moose sign , holes, etc as it is so much easier for them to use the packed trail than struggling in the woods right now. Tracking is spectacular. Today I spotted Squirrel, otter, moose (lots) lynx and fox.

Reminder to snow shoers to please come up, but avoid the set track when you can.

My favorite ski is the Old River Road to the Oxbow road, break trail to the Oxbow picnic Area and then back up the Old River Road and out, no loop. This keeps you along the river which is so scenic . Skiing is phenomenal .