Good skiing at both the Bait Hole and the Clubhouse trails. The hills are FAST!!! The tracks are a bit on the fast side too in places because of the melt-then-freeze cycles from a weekend's worth of slightly-above-freezing temps during the days. Wax for hard, fast snow if you're a waxer.

There is no change from Friday for the Twin Pines trails at New England Outdoor Center. Their 12 miles of trails are all groomed with track set. The tracks are workable but the trails are groomed really wide - so it's skate city for those of you into that sort of quad abuse. Expect the hills to be on the fast side in tracks because of the aforementioned melt-and-freeze temps from the just-above freezing days this weekend.

I got a report from a skier here in town that the skiing yesterday up at Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument was really good.

FYI: There is still no trail cut at Hillcrest - we still can not get a sled up the access trail safely in order to groom.

We have snow and freezing rain in the forecast for Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. Don is anticipating grooming at the Bait Hole on Thursday morning.