For the Matagamon/Elliotsville area cross-country ski trails belonging to and maintained by Katahdin Woods and Waters, Susan has sent the following update:

"Trails are holding up well with coverage. Headed back for a bit more grooming. PACKED POWDER ,Frozen Granular base."

"Set track around Old River Road Loop."

"Matagamon, Shin Pond and Mt Chase are all serving Lunch I believe this weekend!"

"Our backcountry sections and the Trail into Big Spriing Brook were compromised (I hate to use the word vandalized) by 6 snowmobiles in the past week . They went over engrossed and groomed ski trails while the snow was soft and now it has frozen in solid with ridges, so it will take quite a bit of work to fix it. Please remind your snowmobile friends that Bowlin Bridge no longer accesses anything but snowshoe, or ski trails. Thanks "