There is essentially no change from Sunday as to which areas are open and which are not. The snow remains light and dry and beautiful to ski on. Track is set at the Bait Hole, NEOC/Twin Pines, and Matagamon. The high winds yesterday and today are creating areas of drifted snow into set tracks where tracks are exposed to the wind.

The temperature is currently 10 °F. Winds are currently 17 mph out of the northwest with gusts up to 30 at Millinocket airport. Wind chill is current -6 °F. Winds are forecast to drop to between 12 to 15 mph tomorrow and Thursday with temperatures rising midday to around 20 °F on both days. Winds are expected to drop to around 10 mph Friday and under 10 mph Saturday, so the outlook for weekend skiing and shoeing is definitely more amenable than conditions today.