Hillcrest Golf Course - The trail is not open yet. Greg reports the access trail still does not have enough snow to take the groomer up to the skiing trail, even with yesterday's snow. We need a bit more snow and enough days in a row of cold to freeze up the remaining standing water.

NEOC/Twin Pines - Cross-country trails groomed and track is set, conditions are excellent. The snow shoe trail is not packed down yet.

Bait Hole Trails: Don is probably finishing up grooming at the Bait Hole as I type this at noon. He said he intended to set track on the Bait Hole and North Twin Loops and pack on other trails, so there should be some open for snow shoes. He often posts a map of what he just groomed on the wood fence on the right at the RR crossing, so look there so see if he left details on what he has groomed today (i.e., Sunday).

There is no change on the Clubhouse trails at Northern Timber Cruisers; and we have no update yet on the snow shoe trails at Jerry Pond.