I believe I've talked with all everyone who checks the trails and here's the scoop.

If you're an experienced skier who can cope with skiing around the bare patches implicit in "bare conditions," the loops at the Bait Hole can probably be skied by you. Don says that the hills at the Bait Hole are really fast right now. The No Wind snow shoe trail is soggy and there's standing water on the vernal pools.

I was out on snow shoes at Jerry Pond for about 10 minutes before turning around and going home. Soggy heavy snow and not much of it. Lots of standing water, even on the first big detour around more standing water. Wait for the next storm, folks.

No change on the not groomed, not skiable yet status of the Hillcrest Gold Course trail and the Clubhouse trails.

Both NEOC and Matagamon are both hoping for snow so they can groom again. Mark at Matagamon will be doing a detailed check during the daylight hours tomorrow (Tuesday) but basically, it's bare conditions until Wednesday's forecast snow storm.

We are now well below freezing for the first time since our Spring weather on Sunday and it's forecast to stay windy and cold for the next few days - so hopefully this will fix the standing water conditions that have been such a #@$%&*! since Christmas.

Note that the NWS has posted a Winter Storm Watch to start tomorrow evening.