Watching the weather radar with our amateur eyeballs, it looks like the rain will start around 2 PM here in town, and last until a bit after midnight. If you want to ski or shoe today, go now. Remember that the closer to Mt. Katahdin you get, the better the snow will be and will remain - so you may get better and longer skiing at Matagamon or Twin Pines/NEOC. We don't cover Baxter State Park on this website because, while it is available for skiing or shoeing or Winter camping, it is NOT a place with groomed trails; however, if you don't mind an off-trail experience, you might get a bit more and longer skiing today, in Baxter.

We know, thanks to the eyes of the folks at NEOC, that the snow is better and deeper in Baxter right now, with far fewer of the standing water problems just about everyone has been seeing locally, even with last week's cold snap. Again, thanks to the eyeballs at NEOC, since they track snow sled conditions as well as ski and shoe conditions, please be aware that there is a logging truck crossing up at the Painted Rock on the Park access road towards Togue Pond (i.e., to the Park's south gate). So stop, listen and look if you ski in that far ALL WINTER.

Expect somewhat fast snow today, going to slushy in the late afternoon. Expect a lot of condition updates tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday as we go out and assess the damage from today's drippy, above-freezing weather.