If you wondering about the trail conditions, everything posted earlier this week still holds. There are no changes in trail conditions or changes for who is groomed and who is not. Hillcrest Golf Course and the Clubhouse trails are still not packed nor groomed. The Bait Hole, Twin Pines/NEOC and Matagamon are packed and tracked; conditions are are still on the fast side due to the cold snap earlier this week followed by near to just above freezing temps yesterday and today followed by below freezing nights. Conditions closer to Mt. Katahdin are better than closer to Millinocket, so Matagamon and Twin/Pines have a slight edge right now over the Bait Hole.

Temperatures are forecast to rise above freezing during the day for the next three days with rain predicted (still) for Sunday. Saturday is the better day to ski. Take some wax, even if you have the new-fangled skis with the scales on the bottoms.